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Space for rejuvenation and reconnection. Space for living. Space for life.

At Mountain Lake, residents enjoy a rare combination of vibrant community, secluded privacy, and open, inviting spaces. Lush, pastoral landscapes welcome residents, guests and migratory bird populations alike. The tapestry of sights and sounds is unique to these hills, and all who pass through the gates immediately recognize that Mountain Lake is a place like no other.

Here, you can immerse yourself in an authentic Florida environment. Nestled on the Lake Wales Ridge, Mountain Lake stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of community and environment, where residents proudly embrace a lifestyle that values and preserves the region’s delicate ecological balance.

The community’s layout, influenced by the original vision of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., seamlessly incorporates green spaces, winding trails and scenic vistas, allowing residents to fully appreciate the pristine beauty of the Ridge. Community members actively engage in environmental stewardship, fostering a deep sense of responsibility towards the unique ecosystem that surrounds them. Within Mountain Lake the environment is more than a stunning backdrop; it is an integral part of the community’s identity, shaping both the physical landscape and the collective ethos of the inhabitants.

Olmsted Principles

Prevalent throughout the works of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. is the mission “to protect and perpetuate whatever of beauty and inspirational value [is] inherent in that landscape.” Natural beauty and inspirational value abound among the rolling landscape of Mountain Lake, and Olmsted, Jr. complemented it brilliantly. In a general sense, his design elements can be parsed into smaller and smaller pieces, from individual gardens to fountains, flora and pathways; but the unified composition, genius of place, and orchestration of movement are the hallmarks of the greatest, and sometimes least well-known, of his triumphs.

Bok Tower Gardens

Another of Olmsted, Jr.’s legacies lies just beyond the perimeter of the Park. Bok Tower Gardens, resting upon the highest land on the Lake Wales Ridge, is named after former Mountain Lake resident Edward Bok, author and publisher of the Saturday Evening Post and Ladies’ Home Journal. The Gardens are host to 126 bird species and several ecosystems, the centerpiece being the informal woodland setting in the shadows of Bok Tower. The tower rises 205 feet above Iron Mountain and holds a 60-bell carillon, with the largest bell weighing 22,400 pounds. Mountain Lake residents are hugely supportive of the Gardens and enjoy convenient access via a private gate.

Lake Wales Ridge

The Lake Wales Ridge is an ancient geological formation that provides diverse ecosystems and unique habitats. This mosaic of sand ridges, scrublands, and pristine lakes create a haven for a myriad of endemic species adapted to the sandy terrain. The Florida scrub-jay, scrub lupine, and the diminutive but resilient scrub morning glory have evolved in this region which was comprised of islands millions of years ago. The high vantage points provide far reaching views not found anywhere else in Florida. Today, the geography gives Mountain Lake many advantages: the sloping hills direct water down to the lakes after heavy rains and the sandy soil prevents flooding or standing water.

Spaces to live, be active, connect with others, and recharge.

Members value all the Park has to offer: Florida’s best Seth Raynor designed golf course, the beauty of an Olmsted landscape, and a full complement of events and activities in a tradition driven, family oriented community.

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